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Important  Privacy

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Privacy Policy

What personal information do we collect?
When registering an account on thunderte.ch, you will be required to enter your Email Address, along with a username and password. Your information is securely stored in our database, and is not shared to any third parties.

Our website uses cookies in order to allow you to use it. Without cookies, the website wouldn't be able to function as we require them in order to keep you logged into your account. You can read more about cookies here: http://www.whatarecookies.com/

Google Analytics
We use Google Analytics to track visitors to thunderte.ch, though no information is shared to third parties. You may read more about Google Analytics here: https://www.google.com/policies/privacy/partners/

Website usage
By using our website "thunderte.ch", you agree to follow all rules explained on the rules forum post. Please note that you must be at least 13 years of age to register for an account. Thunderte.ch¬ follows all UK laws, therefore we will remove any content which violates UK laws.

Data Breaches
In the case of a data breach, e.g. user database leaked, which may include email addresses and passwords, you will be notified via email about this. All passwords will be reset, with an email sent to you with instructions on how to recover your account. Please keep in mind we take security seriously.

Contact Us
If you wish to contact us for further information, you can either make a post on the forums, or send an email to "[email protected]".
We will usually get back to you within 24¬ hours.

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