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News  Scammer Hacked!

(This post was last modified: 03-20-2017, 08:20 PM by Thunder.)

As explained in my most recent video, a friend of mine @Reaper has hacked into a scammer's computer, and got a lot of information from them.
The information includes scammer's call logs (numbers he has been calling), some passwords & credit card numbers (never gonna share them).
I will post some information here.

I've attached a picture of the scammer.
There are other files attached to this thread for download
Domains.txt, seems to be some domains the scammers have used
jal.xml, seems to be him withdrawing money to his bank
newdata.xlsx, this seems to be a lot of data from Domain whois -Â https://i.thunderte.ch/newdata.xlsx

There is also resumes of a few people, though I will not attach as I cannot confirm if they are scammer resumes.
There are a lot of documents with victim phone numbers... I have also found a document called "contract" where they billed a guy over $700 for technical support, how disgusting.

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yo thats fucking savage dude

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